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Travelling to South Korea (Seoul – Incheon)

Warning : Old draft posting – maybe not relevant with current condition :p 

Are you Gong Yoo fans? Ji Chang Wook fans? Or maybe lee kwang soo fans?! Kyaaaa me too.. Lee Min Ho, Song Jong Ki, Kim Woo Bin, and other oppa which colored my life..  But nope,  i will not talk about them here,  of course (though i really want.. aaa). But if you really like them or adore your other k-drama/k-pop prince charming,  you should do not-so-crazy things, once in your life.. Do some savings, buy your ticket, pick up your bags, anddd fly to the ‘moon’ (selagi masih muda! enjoy your life!) xD i did those things almost 3 years ago as my first time more-than-7-hours-flight trip and i never regret it.. Yippii.. tough that i’m no longer korean hard fans nowadays :p

Korea is a beautiful place for everyone, even more for all korea fans.. I will tell you about my trip story cause suddenly i missed them today.. :/

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