Traveling to South Korea (Seoul – Incheon)

Warning : Old draft posting – maybe not relevant with current condition :p 

Are you Gong Yoo fans? Ji Chang Wook fans? Or maybe lee kwang soo fans?! Kyaaaa me too.. Lee Min Ho, Song Jong Ki, Kim Woo Bin, and other oppa which colored my life..  But nope,  i will not talk about them here,  of course (though i really want.. aaa). But if you really like them or adore your other k-drama/k-pop prince charming,  you should do not-so-crazy things, once in your life.. Do some savings, buy your ticket, pick up your bags, anddd fly to the ‘moon’ (selagi masih muda! enjoy your life!) xD i did those things almost 3 years ago as my first time more-than-7-hours-flight trip and i never regret it.. Yippii.. tough that i’m no longer korean hard fans nowadays :p

Korea is a beautiful place for everyone, even more for all korea fans.. I will tell you about my trip story cause suddenly i missed them today.. :/

So,  as i recall, i went to korea on Sep 14th-23th, 2014.. It’s so long agoooo.. Hehe..  First thing first if you wanna go there, you should make time for visa preparation,  maybe about month-2/1.. You should prepare the documents,  such as application form, your savings transcript, passport, formal photo with white background, employee letter, (maybe flight ticket, hotel, or itinerary,  but honestly i think those aren’t necessarily to be submitted). Then, just go to Korean embassy in Gatot Subroto Street, submit and wait for your visa approval.. Don’t forget to pay the application fee of course :p


After that, pack your bags and let’s start the journey, yeay! Make your dream itinerary, with or without detail as per your preferences xD below were my moments in korea (only that i remembered and maybe not applicable now since it’s almost 3 years ago), but hopefully can help you during your trip planning. Oh, and one thing that you should consider, the season that you want 🙂 i chose the autumn one,  because i really like thaat.. Since i dont really remember the detail, you can research in other blogs such as the detail cost and expenses, transportation route (i used train and bus), etc. I think it was easy compared to Japan that have many rail way transportation options.

Day 1, Sun Sep 14th night, departed from jakarta, to incheon (transit in KL) as a solo traveler, alone! hiks.. I dont like tho, many people said that solo travelling is awesome, but for me, totally nooo..

Day 2, Mon Sep 15th, I felt the korean air for the first time… Yeay, I arrived at Incheon,  met Kika, and we used bus from airport to our hostel in Seoul. Not so many things to do that day, still tired after long flight, so we laid on the bed and created the itinerary.. LOL i said to make your itin before, but honestly i didn’t make the fixed one xD (I always like that until now, honestly).

Fortunately, I’m the brochure collector one, important information such as map, object location, performance schedule, etc. So, with those brochure, let’s start the journey!


We went to Hangang (without river,  because gang means river in korea supposedly :p) by walk. We spent our night to see beautiful fountain performance and took some photos. I remember that we’re really noisy, but a couple beside us still ‘enjoying their time’ haha.. Then we heading back to hostel to sleep.


Day 3, Tue Sep 16th, Nami islaaaand!! It’s the popular tourist place because it’s winter sonata shooting place. But actually until now, i never watch those dramas :p Before landed to Nami island,  we visited some beautiful parks and took some pictures. We also went to Petite France (running man favorite shoot place in the past) , and midnight shopping experience in Myeongdong market at night.

park  park4

img_9109  nami-island2

img_7116  myeongdong

Day 4, Wed Sep 17th, we went to favorite tourist spot:

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace : must-visit palace in Seoul, there are palace guard live performance,
  • Gwanghamun: famous statue, hanbok wearing experience, drink banana milk from 7-eleven :p
  • Cheonggyecheon Stream: famous and crowded stream
  • KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) building: got many brochures and information here, another hanbok wearing experience, and hangul writing on old paper
  • Namdaemun Market: shopping
  • Dongdaemun Gate: just took a photo
  • Miso Performance : live performance

img_9114  banana

img_9112  img_9110

img_7280  img_7311


hanbok  img_9117

dongdaemun  img_8743

Day 5, Thr Sep 18th, we went to

  • SBS Building : unfortunately, we didn’t see real actor/actress :/
  • Hello kitty cafe : cuteeee
  • Hongdae street : shopping, eat,
  • Trick eye museum : try Seoul Trick Eye Museum
  • Hongik University
  • Coffee Smith Cafee : one of It’s okay It’s Love shooting place :p kali aja ketemu Ju in Sung atau kwang soo hahaaa ngayal
  • Namsan Tower : Must Visit Place in Seoul,

seoul2  hello-kitty


Day 6, Fri Sep 19th, Anti main stream spot:

  • Kyunghee University : beautiful campuuuuus, like oxford :p
  • Hanok Village: see real Hanok, and also watched Taekwondo live performance
  • Amorepacific : LOVE sign (it’s faaar, we used bus)
  • Myeongdong: shopping agaiin?! xD
  • Some mall, i forgot

kyunghe-univ  img_8219

img_8263  img_8978

Day 7, Sat Sep 20th, we went to:

  • Incheon Stadium to watch Asian Games with oenni oenni :p we watched Indonesia badminton match. We also ate very delicious drilled octopus *finally I can enjoy korean food*
  • Aiinsworld: beautiful mini replica of famous buildings and back to Seoul

img_8607  aiins-worldaiins-world2  aiins-world3


Day 8, Sun Sep 21st, Holiday almost over, I’ve become solo traveler again since my friend should back to Japan 😦 But, there was Mba Rima (a friend of my friend) who let me enjoy last days in Incheon with her. we visited several places such as:

  • Song do haeji park
  • Tri-Bowl
  • Lotte Mart

incheon  img_8710

Day 9, Mon Sep 22nd, we went to:

  • Central Park : School of 2015 and other drama shooting place
  • Indonesian Festival
  • Mall
  • Incheon Stadium (again): watched live soccer match Indonesia-Thailand with other Indonesian

central-park  img_8950


Day 10, Tue Sep 23rd, went to Incheon airport,  boarding,  back to Jakartaaa

Not so many things I did in the last two days. But i had experience living in the real korean family. I watched drama without subtitle in Mba Rima’s apartment with her korean husband & child. I didn’t understand tho :p

Yeah it’s wrapped. Unfortunately, i didn’t go to Jeju island and Busan, you should go there if you have any chances to Korea. But you should prepare more budget of course. However, I think it will be worth of it. Happy Travelling! 😉



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