I’m grateful to have lovely daughter. I adore her so much. So i’ll write down the things i want to remember about her :

  • Aurora aretha avicenna is her name, we hope she can become beautiful, kind, and smart girl as her name
  • She is just too cute. For me, of course
  • She has beautiful smile. Always melted at that moment
  • Also with her laugh, i’m fallin in love again and again
  • She loves to cry :)) but kinda cute, so it is not problem haha
  • She is always looking for nyenyen and also, put every things into her mouth
  • She likes to make eemmmm emmm sound, or brrr brrrr
  • She has appa’s face, with amma’s eyes.. but of course cuter than us
  • I love to hold her little hand and hug her little body.. it’s like the best feeling in the world
  • She can detect my presence during her sleep. Amazing, every time I get up from bed, she will awake
  • During her first three months, it was really difficult to make her sleep. Every time we laid her on the bed, then she cried haha i miss those tired moments. There was a moment i cant sleep at all until morning to make her sleep
  • Her 1st travel experience was Bali on her 4th m
  • Her 1st hospitalize experience was on her 5th m
  • Enjoy her 1st meal on her 6th m, after asi exclusive. And now i think she loves to eat. Alhamdulillah
  • She is 8 months 6 days old now, and now has 2 teeth
  • She is currently learning how to onggongonggong and stand up. But i think she prefers to laying down and sit than other psychical activity 🙂

And also i want to remember the labor’s day of course :’) — dulu stuck di draft aja

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Hi Dedek Bayi

August, 22nd. 1 week to my due date..

I will not lie that I really worry about my labor. 39 minggu sudah dedek ada di perut mama, berbagai macam pikiran berkecamuk di pikiran mama, takut dedek keluar nya lebih dari due date, takut dedeknya kenapa2, takut semuanya. Setiap hari lewat begitu aja, walaupun diisi dengan ikhtiar-ikhtiar mama biar dedek bisa keluar. Semua orang sudah menanyakan kapan lahiran, kapan ini, kapan itu. Tentu aja itu bikin mama ngerasa pressure yang begitu besar, mama juga ga tw kapan km mw keluar ya dek, cuma bisa pasrah sepasrah-pasrah nya ke Allah, semoga Allah memberikan jalan yang terbaik, sehingga dedek bisa keluar dengan sehat sempurna, bahagia, tanpa kurang satu apapun di waktu yang terbaik dengan minim sakit dari proses persalinan yang kita perjuangkan ya dek.

Mau nangis, mau jungkir balik kaya apapun, kalau Allah belum ngizinin ya belum. Tapi mama selalu percaya Allah akan memberikan yang terbaik buat kita semua. Semoga dedek selalu sehat ya di perut mama, sampai nanti keluar dari perut mama. Semoga mama bisa diberikan kekuatan untuk menahan rasa sakit yang katanya luar biasa sekali.

Untuk itu, mama memutuskan untuk menikmati detik-detik terakhir dedek ada di perut mama. Menikmati gerakan-gerakan papap, paha, kaki, dan tangan dedek di perut mama. Gerakan yang gak akan terulang lagi. Kecegukan kamu juga dek. Semuanya membuat mama makin sayang sama kamu. Makin pingin ketemu kamu langsung. Hamil memang perjuangan yang panjang. Tapi mama bersyukur, untuk pertama kali nya, ada yang bener-bener nemenin mama terus 24 jam, tanpa pernah ninggalin mama. Kalau dihitung sampai sekarang berarti sudah 273 hari, dedek udah nemenin mama dari sekecil apa ya, sampai berat 3 kg lebih kaya sekarang. Makasih ya dedek. Sekarang mama mau mengingat kebersamaan kitaaa dari awal.

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Travelling to South Korea (Seoul – Incheon)

Warning : Old draft posting – maybe not relevant with current condition :p 

Are you Gong Yoo fans? Ji Chang Wook fans? Or maybe lee kwang soo fans?! Kyaaaa me too.. Lee Min Ho, Song Jong Ki, Kim Woo Bin, and other oppa which colored my life..  But nope,  i will not talk about them here,  of course (though i really want.. aaa). But if you really like them or adore your other k-drama/k-pop prince charming,  you should do not-so-crazy things, once in your life.. Do some savings, buy your ticket, pick up your bags, anddd fly to the ‘moon’ (selagi masih muda! enjoy your life!) xD i did those things almost 3 years ago as my first time more-than-7-hours-flight trip and i never regret it.. Yippii.. tough that i’m no longer korean hard fans nowadays :p

Korea is a beautiful place for everyone, even more for all korea fans.. I will tell you about my trip story cause suddenly i missed them today.. :/

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Little story

It has been a while since the last time I wrote my blog. Maybe it’s because I just don’t have any idea about what the topic that I should write. I want to write about something interesting, but unfortunately the result is just about me and me, haha.. Hmm, but I think it’s okay, since you realize that now, you have visited my blog, so prepare your self to read the story about me :p

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